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Real Name:  Cassie St.Commons

Hair: Black and done in interesting styles

Eyes: Purple

Style: Gothic

Piercings: Several

Pulse:  None

Background: From what we know about Cassie, she comes from a rich family.  She was also a practicioner of some form of Witchcraft, possibly Wicca judging by the books on her shelf(Slingers #1, Dusk edition).  She doesn't remember all that much about her family, though she does remember where they live.  She went to Empire State University, just like all the others.  There are now "Missing" posters of her up all around the campus.

Powers: For one thing, she's always surrounded in a purple glow, and never takes the suit off now.  Since dying and coming back, she's developed the ability to teleport around and carry others with her when she does.  It's possible that the powers are in the suit and have something to do with the Negative Zone, as shown by the color changes that this shows: you're being turned all purple, Hornet.  Though Dusk does look somewhat nice in white.  Another ability that she seems to have gained is to sense when Hornet is in trouble. Whether she'll develop this for the others...well, we don't know. Other than that, there's not a whole lot we know about Dusk, since she doesn't know either.  More to come as soon as we find out.