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Real Name: Eddie McDonough

Hair: Brown

Style: Goatee and Shades

Eyes: Black

Arms: One good, one . . . not so good

Sting: Laser

Background: Eddie, like everyone else, is a student at Empire State University.  He's there on some sort of scholarship there, complete with an advisor.  He lives in the dormitory. As for parents or other family, nothing has been said.  His right hand and arm are palsied, making them almost useless and sometimes painful.  To compensate for this, he's extremely academic, and always wants to do well.  The people in the library know him by name.

Powers: It's gotta be the suit!  The Hornet suit allows Eddie to fly, and somehow makes it so he can move his palsied hand.  He's been making some of his own adaptations to it, one of which was the lasers in the gauntlets.  He has, however, had occasion to regret that his suit isn't bulletproof.  It's likely that the suit's powers will increase with time as Eddie works more on it.  What he needs to make is something to he can carry Ricochet more easily. . . .