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Slingers #0: "The Learning Curve"

by Joseph Harris and Adam Pollina

Starts off with a few scenes of New York at night, with - interestingly enough - Spider-Man swinging through them.  It talks about the need for heroes at night, because cities need protectors.  Thought-provoking stuff.  Anyway, it continues with Ricochet and Hornet watching Spider-Man from the roof of a building.  Ricochet is impressed, which Hornet comments on.  Prodigy flies down and gets on their cases for talking.  Apparently, Dusk is the only one not to join them on this fine city roof, because she's scared to make the jump.

Ricochet and Hornet try to encourage her to jump, but it doesn't seem to be working.  She just stands there, dark as always.  After she pulls her mask off, Hornet flies over to talk to her.  Ricochet comments on his eagerness to do so, to which Hornet replies, "...shut up."  I love these kids.  Anyway, Prodigy is not thrilled with this development, and walks away from Ricochet.  Over on the other building, Hornet tries to talk to Dusk, without much success.

Back to the others...Ricochet is bored as hell, and is stacking up garbage and complaining of "spandex angst."  Part of his own "training" with his disks is throwing them at the pile of junk.  He talks about why he was given the costume, and comments that he often thinks of giving it back.  His disk toss goes all over the place, which upsets him but doesn't seem to faze Prodigy.

Flashback time...a bunch of scenes of the four in their training that night, bounding over buildings, lifting cars, that sort of thing.  Dusk, apparently, was the one having the worst time of it.

On the rooftop with Dusk and Hornet, she reached out and touches his hand - the one that has the palsy problem.  The thing is, it works just fine inside the suit.  Dusk worries about getting kicked off of the team...she knows she's going to.  Hornet doesn't seem to want to deal with that - it seems pretty obvious that he likes her.  Cool.  He finally gets her to try the jump, with him waiting at the edge so she'll be okay.

On the edge of the other building....Ricochet is still bored.  He's doing a handstand, Prodigy doesn't care.  Naturally, the show-off falls, and Prodigy catches him.  Prodigy is really pissed off by this point, and gets on Ricochet's case about not taking this whole hero thing seriously.  Prodigy seems a bit off....  When Hornet asks what's going on, Prodigy makes the declaration that, unless Dusk makes the jump, she'll be off the team.  The others give her encouragement...Hornet most of all.  And, on a count of three.....

She'g gone.  There's no one on the edge.  Ricochet and Hornet seem distraught, Prodigy is as impassive as always.  They get the hell out of there.

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