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Slingers #5: "Good-bye To The Golden Age"

by Joseph Harris and ChrisCross

Such a wonderful way to start an issue off, with the steely glare of Prodigy.  Yes, he's down in the basement, staring down the mafia-types, who both suggest that he has something to do with the explosions and taunt him with "Don'choo got a day to save or somethin'?"  Nice.  Real nice.  Upstairs, the building is burning, people are running, and pretty much everything is collapsing, as the Black Marvel stands there looking heroic and declaring that he's there to save them.  Doesn't he know that there's nothing scarier than an old guy in tights?  Ricochet is clinging to Hornet's legs, since apparently the floor fell out from under them.  Dusk makes a comment about falls, and Rico yells at her, calling her a "dead freak chick."  Nice going, Rico.

Ricochet and Hornet want answers, but the floor collapses under them before that happens, and Dusk teleports in to, hopefully, save them.  Inside, the Black Marvel is just kind of standing there as people rush by.  He doesn't look happy, and collapses to the floor.  Then there's this kinda freaky teleporting sequence with Hornet and Ricochet inside wherever it is they go when Dusk teleports, followed by Rico being extremely glad to be on the ground again.  Just as they catch sight of their mentor, Prodigy finally flies/jumps up into the hotel.  Ricochet and Hornet argue with the Black Marvel, the kids are pissed but the old guy seems, as always, more concerned with glory and admiration than anything else.  Prodigy shows up, not looking happy - does he ever look happy? - as does Dusk.

Quick cut scene to a man in an elevator.

Anyway, back with the sort-of-heroes, Hornet and Rico are trying to talk some sense into Prodigy, who comments on the fact that this girl can't be Dusk, because she's dead.  Just as Prodigy may be considering, the Black Marvel subtly threatens him, and the others tell Prodigy that the old guy started the fire.  Prodigy gets pissed, and everyone runs off to save more lives.  Hornet tries to help the guy caught in the elevator, accidentally causes more fire.  Dusk helps some people get out, ends up running into the cops who took her to the morgue.  As if this night wasn't strange enough....  She teleports back to Hornet, not feeling good at all.

Elsewhere in the hotel, the Black Marvel is seeing how his plans went awry.  Kathy's friends are outside, she's inside, the Black Marvel sees she deliberately letting herself be trapped to get Rico to show himself?  Sure looks like it.  The Black Marvel goes to save her as Hornet and Dusk fly out of the elevator shaft.  Kathy freaks out at the old guy, but Ricochet drops in and nails him with the disks.  Back in the elevator shaft, Dusk and Hornet try to save the man who was in there, and Hornet barely gets the guy out just as the final bomb goes off.  Dusk was right next to it, though....

Everything nearly comes crashing down on Hornet, but Prodigy shows up and keeps him and the other guy from getting crushed.  He holds up the building while they get out.  Ricochet and Kathy leave the hotel, he dragging the Black Marvel.  Kathy, of course, knows it's him, and says so - Rico is cool with this, what else can he do?  Hornet darts out with the guy he rescued.  Prodigy, of course, is still holding everything up, and gets a visit from Dusk.  She's too weak to get them both out of there....  He makes her leave, and she does so just as the entire place goes down.

In a final ending bit, Peter Parker - you know, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man - checks in a trunk up in his attic.  Yep, the old "Identity Crisis" costumes are still there.  And we close with a shot of Rico and Kathy holding each other and Dusk and Hornet together.  What, oh what, has happened to our Prodigy?