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Other Comic Links Varied and Wondrous

I see no need to make this page flashy.......

Slingers Sites:

Hornet's Slingers Headquarters: The First Slingers Website:  The first and so far the best...hey, what can I say, I can be modest.  Hornet's got tons of stuff here, including a nice bit of graphics and a message board.

Prodigy's SLINGERS Web Site: Woo hoo!  We've got three out of four!  Prodigy has himself set up quite nicely, with some informative character bios, well-done image sections, and the necessary links.  Stop on by and take a look.

Other Comic Miscellany:

Marvel Comics:  The official website.  'Nuff said.

Wizard World:  The official site for Wizard magazine, source of news rumors, and other mischief for comic fans everywhere.  The site actually has a lot to offer - the schooling courses are extremely informative.

Bring Back Generation X!:  Founded in part by a friend of mine, Dark Claw, this page is dedicated to bringing Generation X back to its former greatness after it suffered under the pen of Larry Hama.  While Hama is no longer on the book, and the site itself is no longer being updated, it's still an important site, as it shows what fans united can accomplish.

Asteroid X: Chock full o' mutant goodness, as well as home to several rather interesting games.

The Uncanny X-Songs: Home of dozens and dozens of X-related song parodies.  Hilarious even if you don't know exactly what song they're supposed to be sung to....  The pity, though, is that the place hasn't been updated for a long time.

The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site: Long trip to your comic store?  Not sure if the next issue of your favorite funnybook - Slingers, of course, right? - will come in this Wednesday?  Simply stop by this extremely useful site, and know ahead of time.

Comic Book Resources:  I totally and completely recommend this site.  Daily reviews, a ton of news, and message boards that not only have intelligent discussion, but people that work in comics actually post on them!  See the News section for a bit that Joseph Harris did in response to one fan's questions.

.....more to come.....I promise.....