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For those of you that just can't wait.

Previews of Slingers yet to come...nabbed from Marvel's website and wherever else I can find them.

  by Joseph Harris and ChrisCross

"The Black Marvel was a desperate man.  And in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is the devil you make your desperate deals with!  Now, he’s come to collect, and only Ricochet, Dusk, Hornet and a rejuvenated Prodigy stand in his way. It’s an “Inferno” all their own as our rookie heroes face their worst fears and demon hordes in a race across the Underworld!"

Okay, I have only one question about this.  Just what is the worst fear of someone who's already dead going to be?  I mean, come on...Dusk's already faced what most people are terrified of, and she's around to talk about it.  That aside, this should get very interesting...I must admit I'm especially curious as to what Prodigy's greatest fear is.  Losing?  Heh.....