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Real Name: Ritchie Gilmore

Hair: Black

Style: Jock

Eyes: Black

Heart: Black

Ego: Huge

Background: Ritchie is - big surprise! - a student at Empire State University.  He's on the wrestling team, and may or may not be all that good at it - we've only seen him in one match, and he lost it.  As with Hornet, nothing has been mentioned of his parents or other family, although he has been shown to live with an old woman he calls "Nanna." I'm getting shades of Aunt May here.  What he does have is a massive ego and more desire to be a hero than is probably healthy.  He expects the absolute best out of the other Slingers - he even left Hornet and Ricochet for dead once(Slingers #2-3).

Powers: Once again, it's all in the suit.  When he's Prodigy, Ritchie is bulletproof, incredibly strong, and can either fly or jump incredible distances.  It seems that the cape is the source of at least part of the power - it was kind of glowing at one point in #5, and he told Hornet it would keep the guy he was rescuing safe.  Also, he needed the cape to make his triumphant return in #10, and he said that it helped him in the fight.  But, hints have been dropped - at the end of #6 - that the suit may be symbotic, as it said it seemed like the suit needed him.  Who knows?  Not us, not yet.