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Real Name: Johnny Gallo

Hair: White

Style: Leather jacket

Eyes: Blue

Status: Has girlfriend

Specialty: High jump

Background: Johnny lives with his father after his mother died.  His mother was when Johnny was young by Nanny and the Orphan Maker, despite the fact that she was a mutant too.  Apparently, she always said he was special, because she knew he'd be a mutant.  His father doesn't seem to think he's so special . . . their relationship is rocky at best.  He has mentioned that his father has a chemical imbalance, which may have something to do with that. He goes to Empire State University, where he has trouble staying awake in classes, and works at a video store.  His girlfriend, Kathy, knows about his superheroics, and seems to like them.

Powers: Well, for once, it's not all in the suit.  Johnny is a mutant - and if you don't know what a mutant is, go find an X-Men page and come back when you're more thoroughly educated, okay?  Anyway, his powers so far include jumping abilities that are incredible to say the least and a danger sense - as illustrated here.  He also uses the discs attached to his jacket as throwing weapons, and they bounce off of things nicely.  Hornet has been designing him some new discs, like the one shown in #6 that comes back to him after he throws it and the ones in #10 that go boom.  As always, more to come as things happen. . . .