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Being a superhero is nowhere near everything that it's cracked up to be.  Especially if you're a college student.  Even more so if you are a mutant.....or are slightly crippled.....or have a major superiority complex.....or are dead.  It's all part of learning, though, which is something that the Slingers still have a lot left to do.  Who are the Slingers?  You mean you don't know?  They are:

For those of you with a great need to know the intracacies of comic history - okay, I need to know that stuff too - the Slingers' identities came about during the Spider-Man "Identity Crisis" storyline.  Need to know about that?  Find a Spider-Man page.  Anyway, I've got just about everything you need to know about the not-quite-fantastic four, all together in a site that won't weigh you down with excessive graphics!  This is mostly because I don't have the time to do much scanning, but....on to more important things, namely.....

Yea, I know the graphic is totally gratuitous.  But it's apprporiate, isn't it?


Slingers Has Been Canceled!

Dear gods, no!!  The sad news was reported in today's Mania: Newsarama.  Read it and weep:

Marvel's advance solicitations for September shipping comics are out and the publisher has announced that two first-year series, Joseph Harris and ChrisCross' Slingers, and Erik Larsen and Joe Bennett's Nova, are ending with issue #12 and #7, respectively.

Newsarama caught up with both Harris and Larsen for their reaction to the news of the these cancellations.

Said Harris, "After looking into various options to keep the series alive and profitable at all, Marvel has decided to end the series. In light of other recent cancellations, I guess I should consider us relatively lucky to have lasted as long as we did."

"Along with ChrisCross, Rob Stull, Felix Serrano, Ruben Diaz, Zena Tsarfin and the rest of the creative staff, I think we were able to create a book about real kids struggling with power responsibility, love, and death in the larger than life setting of the Marvel Universe. We did what we set out to do. It was never easy. And we succeeded...But it didn't sell."

"But our fans are the best. We don't get the most mail in the bag, it's true, but it's spirited stuff. Slingers has enjoyed a cult following, at best, but its members seemed to turn into diehards as the past year rolled on. I don't think there are many casual Slingers fans out there. You either seem to love this book, or you couldn't care less. Unfortunately, in this market, cult don't cut it too long. We were given every opportunity to find an audience. Marvel has been great in, at least, TRYING to expand our
readership. I don't remember if I've ever seen a house ad with a quote hyping the writer before, in a Marvel Comic book. To say I was flattered is an understatement."

"Now comes the tricky part. 'Raising Hell' - our upcoming revelation and explanation arc - was supposed to run through issues #10-12. Now, more specifically, it's running through issue 10 and the end of this series.  I'm going to try my best to sew up as many loose ends as I can. The fact that this storyline was outlined to climax in a double-sized issue which has since been sliced to a 22-page book isn't making this task any easier, but we're all determined to churn out a finale to this series that those diehards who've really stuck with this book deserve."

"We tried. This was my first ever monthly comic book gig...and I LOVE these kids. They speak to me. They make me forget they're comic book characters. And I think the fans dug that."

"In light of the current state of this industry, I should probably be happy we lasted as long as we did. I'm moving on to Bishop: The Last X-Man, as well as some other comics projects and some REALLY cool movie projects."

"I'm heartbroken over this. Like I said...we tried. And who knows...two years from now, given the 'revival trend' sweeping the scene these days, maybe we'll get back together for that 'Very Slingers' reunion episode.  I've already got it outlined..." could they do this to us?  This is terrible....  Rest assured, fellow Slingers fans, I will keep this site going until the last story is summarized and the last Bio details have been added.  This is hard to deal with, it really is.....


10-7-99:  That's all, folks!  The final story summaries are up.  Yea, I'd make some excuse about why it's been so long between updates, but no one wants to hear that.  Let's just say that if the Slingers really did go to college, they would have no time for the whole heroics thing.

This will, in all likelihood, be the last update.  I do have some plans for some Slingers Fan-Fiction, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I will put some of that up if any of it comes into existence.  Yes, that's a hint to all of you.  Write something, draw something, anything to do with our not-quite-heroes, and send it to me.

Oh, by the way . . . if anyone has a scan of the cover of #10, could you send it to me?  Mine is unavailable at this time.

Also, I'm starting a mailing list of sorts.  Basically, e-mail me - the address is below - and tell me you want to be on the Update List, and I'll let you know whenever / if-ever this site is updated again.  Until then. . . .

I've had a lot of fun with this site, and I hope that you've enjoyed everything that's gone into it.  I'd like to thank everyone who wrote to me with praise, advice, or questions - yes, I did read your letters, I've just been a lot busier than I thought and haven't written back much.  Until next time, true believers. . . . this is Ricochet, Slingers Webmaster, signing off.

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 Also, in case you've missed it,  here is one scan I have done, a nice little adaptation to a Dusk picture from issue #3, when she...visits...Hornet.

That's about it for now.  I can be reached via e-mail at  Praise is good, comments and constructive criticism are great, annoying flamers will be cheerfully ignored.

There is no longer a guestbook here.  It spontaneously stopped working and I have no idea what happened.

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